Boosting Retention and LTV with Daasity x Klaviyo 

Customer Segments and Data Points to Push into Klaviyo to Increase Personalization and Build Longer Relationships


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Struggling with keeping customers engaged and enhancing your bottom line? Klaviyo, the leader in consumer brand marketing automation, is your secret weapon.

At Daasity, we're on a mission to empower your tech stack and help you build enduring customer relationships. Our platform allows you to seamlessly integrate dynamic customer segments and data into Klaviyo, resulting in enhanced customer retention and increased ROI on your owned channels.

Discover how to:

  • Engage Customers with RFM Scores of 1 and 2
  • Target Churning High-Value Customers
  • Create Personalized Replenishment Flows based on Time Between Orders
  • Tailor Marketing Strategies for Customers who bought Special Products
  • Harness the Power of Session Enrichment Data to identify more shoppers